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At a later date, we will also be hosting four Round-table Discussion’s on “I See You” by The xx, “Yesterday’s Gone” by Loyle Carner, “Tourist in Town” by Allison Crutchfield and “Remnants” by LeAnn Rimes, as well as interviews with some of Windsor’s local artists, which will be announced at a later date.

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Meet Our Authors:

Andrew Whitmarsh, 19

English and Creative Writing Student

 My tastes are fairly varied and I will give most anything that is Metal, Alternative, or Electronic a listen. I can also enjoy straight up rock or pop. Some of my favourite artists are Radiohead, Modest Mouse, and Burial.

Ashley Spina, 20

English & Visual Arts Student

Lover of art and music. Guitarist and vocalist.
Forever devoted to The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Adele.

Bilan Mohamed, 25

Major in English and Creative Writing

My music taste is all over the place, but I mostly listen to rock and pop!

Brady Anderson, 22

B-Mus Honours Student, Music major

Music Background: Jazz/Pop Vocalist and Multi-Instrumentalist
Favourite Genres: Jazz, Pop, and anything Shania are my favourite genres of music
Favourite Artists: Shania Twain, John Mayer, Gregory Porter

Cameron Dickey, 23

Broke Student

I love lots of genres of music, and enjoy playing guitar.

James Holland, 21

English and History student.

If the song is fast paced, bass heavy, and easy to dance too, then its probably on my list of favourites, regardless of the genre. Except country music, that stuff just isn’t for me.

Music Background: Currently learning to play violin.

Favourite Genres: Metal, Screamo, Korean Pop, Classic Rock

Favourite Artists: Shakira, Avenged Sevenfold, EXO, Def Leppard, 2NE1


Kerrisa Drouillard, 21

English and Communications, Media, and Film student.

My main interest in music is listening to it, and a lot of it! Some of my current favourite artists are: Panic! At The Disco, Hayley Kiyoko, and twenty one pilots


Taylor Campbell, 21

Major in Digital Journalism and English Literature.

My music taste dances around ’70s glam rock.
I’ve got blisters on my fingers.

Taylor Severin, 20

English and Creative Writing student.

 I can play the piano but I never studied past the 2nd grade in theory. I like a large variety of music however my favourites are country, R&B, and pop. My favourite artists are Drake and Shania Twain.

Veronica DeSilva, 19

English and Creative Writing student.

I can play a little bit of guitar and I am also a soprano. I love anything surrounding the genres of alternative rock and heavy metal. A few of my favourite bands are Within Temptation, Halestorm, Bring me the Horizon, and Rise Against.