Track of The Day: “Bat Out of Hell” by Meat Loaf

Pull up a chair, order a pizza, grab a beer, do whatever you gotta do to get comfy cause this is going to be a long one ladies and gents. Today’s track of the day is Meat Loaf’s “Bat Out of Hell”.

The first thing you may notice about this particular track is that its almost 10 minutes long. That is a long time for a song, but trust me when I say, the 9:48 fly by the second you hit play, and if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself wanting a little bit more. If you were to judge this album based on its cover and its name, you’d probably make the assumption that its an album so metal and so gritty that it puts Ozzy Osborne to shame. But then you have this track, which opens with Todd Rundgren, who also produced the album, tickling the ivories in a frenzied passion. The first minute and forty-five seconds of the song have a much more ‘pop rock’ (not the candy) flavor to them and reminds me of Boston in its sound.

After this 1:45 benchmark, the song adopts a broadway style of sound. The guitar and bassline are dropped while Rundgren continues to shred on the keyboard with heavy key notes coupled with large drum beats, and the star of the album, Meat Loaf, joins in the party and adds his mighty voice to the mix. This relative peace lasts until the 3 minute mark when the first chorus is sung and we hear the return of the guitar, bassline, and frenzied keys and drums. Jim Steinman, the songs composer, believed that it would also be beneficial to add a boys choir to the chorus just to “make it really crazy”, which, in that regard, he was completely successful. What I like so much about this song is that everytime the chorus rolls around, it has a slightly different sound to it. The drums may be heavier in one version, or maybe the guitar is more prominent, perhaps the boys choir is a bit louder, or Meat Loaf is losing his mind and screaming/singing nonsense into the mic, regardless of what it is, the revamped chorus at every turn keeps this epic song from getting stall or old.

Have a listen to Meat Loafs epic anthem here!


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