Track of the Day: “Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra

“Mr. Blue Sky” is the celebratory response to my childhood favourite “Oh, Mr. Sun.”

On a gloomy day, five-year-old me would plead for Mr. Sun to “please shine down on me.” Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr. Blue Sky” encapsulates the excitement and triumph that I felt as soon as Mr. Sun came out to make my day a little bit brighter.

Beginning with a weather forecast calling for “blue skies,” this track starts out with a quick and happy beat of a keyboard chord. Soon the sound amplifies as electric guitars, drums, and eventually vocals are added in claiming that “it’s a beautiful new day.” You might think that this track is from today rather than from 1977 when you hear the combination of electric and orchestra sounds. Yet the harmonies and rock aspect of “Mr. Blue Sky” take listeners in an opposite direction as this track is described as “Beatlesque” and has been compared to the Beatles songs “Martha My Dear” and “A Day in the Life.”

Written by Jeff Lynne, singer and instrumentalist of Electric Light Orchestra, this track reached number 6 in the United Kingdom and number 35 in the United States upon its release with the album Out of the Blue in 1977. After two weeks of Lynne experiencing writer’s block and gloomy weather, “Mr. Blue Sky” was created when the sun finally came out, inspiring Lynne to write about the weather and how it affects a change in mood. The chorus is contagiously catchy as Lynne asks why the blue sky had to “hide away for so long” in different octaves and tones.

“Mr. Blue Sky” is a song that everyone can relate to as it brings happiness upon the listeners the same way that beautiful weather does: “Hey there mister blue, we’re so pleased to be with you. Look around see what you do. Everybody smiles at you.”

You can listen to “Mr. Blue Sky” here.


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