Track of the Day: “Last Young Renegade” by All Time Low

There have been rumours circulating the last few months that Baltimore based band All Time Low were prepping to release a new album to their eagerly awaiting fan base. In February that released a single titled “Dirty Laundry” which took leaps and bounds away from their original style and opting instead of low, synth-wave sounding track. Long-time fans of the punk band reacted negatively to this new direction, but with the release of “Last Young Renegade” their faith was restored as All Time Low returned to familiar territory.

There is something oddly mesmerizing and almost hypnotic about the solitary opening guitar rift which gradually builds up into the first verse. On its surface, the song seems like it will be similar to “Dirty Laundry” but the bridge into the chorus changes the entire feel of the song with a fast repetition of clapping while the drums become increasingly prominent. The lead singer Alex Garskarth, who up until now had been singing in a low monotone voice, follows suite and gets progressively louder and puts more strain, effort and emotion into the long notes of the bridge that led right into one banger of a chorus.         One thing All Time Low does really well is make songs with anthemic choruses that make you want to jump and scream your lungs out too and “Last Young Renegade” does not disappoint in this regard. What sets it apart from the rest of the track is the change in tone with regards to the guitar which becomes much more aggressive and in your face.

Im more a fan of All Time Lows punkier tracks and albums and based on “Dirty Laundry” and “Last Young Renegade”, the boys from Baltimore seem to be straying into the punk-pop world of music. “Last Young Renegade” is leagues better than “Dirty Laundry”, but compared to All Time Lows entire discography, I think it falls short in terms of musical composition. “Last Young Renegade” doesn’t have anything new or exciting in it, and it’s a song that I feel I’ve already heard a hundred times before. That said, the familiarity of the punk-pop sound bodes well for the band, and if “Last Young Renegade” is anything to go by, their newest album will experiment with new sound but still have the All Time Low attitude and signature sound to it.

Have a listen to it here!


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