Track of the Day: “Stay” by Zedd and Alessia Cara

“All you have to do is stay”

… and give “Stay” by Zedd and Alessia Cara a chance.

       Zedd has been one of my favourite DJs and record producers for a while now, with songs like “Clarity” and “Stay the Night” topping charts for a reason. He always brings a new flare to the popular music scenes, with different influences from house and dubstep music being used in unique ways. And at just 20 years old, Alessia Cara has been making a name for herself in music as well, with her anthem for “Wild Things” and “Scars To Your Beautiful” resonating with many, including myself.

“Make it on my own, but we don’t have to grow up”

       With their new track “Stay,” Zedd and Cara have created a new hit, using humming as a backtrack and Cara’s strong vocals to make each bass drop pop. While some might say such a track sounds too “mainstream” and just like everything else out there right now, once you give the song a listen or two, I guarantee the catchy beat will have you swaying, as it did for me.

       This song stands out to me too, because while producers The Chainsmokers have been coming out with a lot of hits lately as well, such hits sound way too similar to their main chart-topper of “Closer.” While that was a good track initially, the same beat (featuring a repetitive heavy synth sound) can only go so far. Zedd experiments with different sounds, paces, and instruments, keeping things fresh. He even worked alongside Cara to create “Stay,” rather than just featuring her on it.

       But, to be honest, while it does make me want to dance, what also helped get me into this song was seeing other people dance to it on YouTube. It really helps you appreciate each beat. Check out the beat yourself through iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify or YouTube!



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