Track of the Day: “Liability” by Lorde

In contrast to her also newly released “Green Light,” Lorde’s “Liability” is an emotional ballad that allows listeners to see a whole other side to Lorde’s songwriting and identity as an artist. The song is the second single from her upcoming album, Melodrama, which is set to be released this June.

With nothing but beautiful vocals and gentle piano, Lorde sings about feeling as though she is “too much” for anyone. The simplicity of the music accompanied by Lorde’s smooth, crisp vocals emphasize the meaning behind the lyrics and capture the emotions that come with not feeling good enough, or in her case, feeling as though her status makes her too much for anyone she develops relationships with.

This song is certainly a contrast to the first single off of Melodrama, “Green Light,” which is an extremely upbeat, pumped-up party song. However, “Liability” feels like a nearly perfect B-side to “Green Light,” as it shows listeners how talented and diverse Lorde is as a songwriter and an artist. “Liability” is much more emotional and personal in comparison to her past work. She once described the song as “a strange part of [herself] for a lot of people to look at.”

Overall, “Liability” is a big step for Lorde to take as an artist, as she is slowly evolving into a more experienced songwriter who is now willing to dig deeper into her inner thoughts and emotions, and as a result, make extraordinary music to share with us. Since I first heard “Liability,” I’ve nearly had it on a constant loop, as her soft, beautiful melody is just purely addictive. This song, along with “Green Light” are definitely worth a listen and have left me very excited for Melodrama. Check out “Liability” on iTunes, Spotify, and in the video below.



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