OTOTW- Garbagio

Musicians are always a slippery and tortured bunch of artist are they not? It is dirty work, and not for the faint of heart. If there is a dirty prince that reigns supreme of the Canadian Dream-pop fantasia, it is James Wyatt Crosby; he is not one to shy away from a hot mess. He can most often be found in baby blue suit pants, ruffled white button up, and with enough tenacity to bring a house down.

Garbagio hails from Toronto and was led by James Wyatt Crosby before they disbanded in 2017. Crosby pours himself and passion into his music; that was evident the first time I ever heard him play. His efforts have led him to Hamilton record label Maisonneuve Music. The band went out with a bang with an Ontario Quebec Tour Grande, and the four track Self-titled EP. The band has influences of indie pop sentimentality, surf rock, and warmer places than Ontario.

Right before ‘OTOTW’ kicks off, Crosby screams out in triumph ,’I quit my job today, I won!” before Garbargio spanks the audience with some drifty organs, head banging guitar, and a sweeping rush of cymbals and snare. Simply delicious. In “OTOTW”, Garbagio-high on life-compliments the polarity of being “On top of the world’ and real down low; Crosby’s accomplishes this with intimate lyrics and provocative melodies. ‘OTOTW’ seduces the listener between these emotional poles. Climax ensues and the drums kick double, the surfy fuzzed out guitar solo follows in pace. Once again, the listener gets sonically spanked in the frenzy of instruments, which shows no signs of slowing. The realizations slowly dawns that Garbagio has in fact transported the listener on top of the world. After 3.15 minutes, Garbargio leaves their auditory witnesses to track 3, ‘Nobody Else’, which tastes just as sweet.

The dream pop prince is still young, and with exemplary musical proficiency, he will continue to pursue a variety of sounds and shoe gaze flavours. He is innovative. He is charming. He has panache that will continue to inform the Crosby’s direction and sound. You can listen to the track here 


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