Track of the Day: “Frequency” by Starset

“Frequency” by Starset came out three months ago on their album Vessels, which captivates the band’s theme of aliens and being out of this world.

The mixture of synth and rock jammed into one song does make the band sound different compared to others. Even so, they still keep the same type of rhythm that connects all of their songs together. “Frequency” takes on a beautiful love song. Most likely about someone who is far from earth and stumbles upon beauty in something or someone. Later, he ends up losing the person or thing at the end of the track.

The song pumps up each time going from verse to chorus. At the beginning of the song, it starts with a slow synth beat and it slowly adds in the other instruments. Vocals also begin right at the start with an auto tuned input on it, creating an alien voice. Later on the chorus joins in and each time it plays, it gets a bit aggressive with the loud guitar and synth fusing together. Also, in the chorus, you can hear the longingness in his voice for that beautiful person. The longing becomes so deep that the aggressiveness of the chorus changes when the piano shines out from the other instruments, creating sadness in his voice.

The screams at the end creates an affect that makes him seem angry and regretful for losing that person. This is a bit funny compared to the fact that in the chorus he talks about the screams. “Was it all just synthesized? And now the silence screams that you are gone.” Considering that the whole track is mixed with synth, it seems as though the vocalist has answered his own question. I think that it was a good way to end “Frequency” with a scream since it gives off a dramatic effect and makes listeners want to listen to the next track of the album.

Have a listen to Starset’s “Frequency” down below, or you find Vessels on Spotify, and itunes.


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