Track of the Day: “Emoji of a Wave” by John Mayer

Now that winter is coming to an end, I thought it was the perfect time to choose a song that’s about a relationship coming to an end. “Emoji of a Wave” is actually funny despite the true meaning of the song when you think of the title. I feel like John intended to make the title the literal wave emoji, but he must’ve realized he couldn’t use an emoji as a song title, so he titled the track “Emoji of a Wave” instead.

“Emoji of a Wave” sees John come back to his pop/rock roots in a beautiful pop/rock ballad. The song itself has to be one of the best he’s written in the last five years and it’s all due to the silky melody paired with the hauntingly beautiful lyricism. All throughout the song we hear John tell stories of this girl that’s just slipped away, much like the waves and the way they retreat back to the ocean after a fleeting moment of touching the shore.

The song begins bare bones with John playing a chordal melody on guitar along with a playful glockenspiel (bells) melody. The song builds as we reach the pre chorus and chorus as more instruments come in and create a thick ambient texture that makes you emotional. The long tones on the bass and the layered background vocals along with the marimba, bells, and John’s voice create such a rich quality of sound that hits you in the heart like a gut punch. If you’ve ever been in a long distance relationship or one that’s failed to pan out, the notes strike all the right chords on your heart due to John’s extremely personal lyrics. After the first chorus we hear the strings enter and that just adds a whole new level of emotion to the upcoming verse. Even though there is extensive instrumentation in this song, not once does it feel like it’s over crowded. Each little riff and sample blend perfectly together to create a thick emotional texture that is sure to make you tear up.

John seems to be coming back strong with The Search for Everything and even though 2017 is till young, this is the track of the year for me so far. Check it out here and let me know if you feel the way I do!



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