Track of the Day: “Passionfruit” by Drake

If there is one thing I am passionate about from Drake’s new album More Life, it is most definitely his third track (and my favourite fruit), “Passionfruit.”

Following Drake’s first two opening songs that are more trap-driven and rap sounding than Views (2016), “Passionfruit” is a complete shift in sound. Tropical, Caribbean vibes flow throughout this masterpiece: from the track’s title being a tropical fruit, a steel drum sounding sample replaying throughout, and Drake’s smooth and effortless voice. I instantly feel like I am worry-free and by the ocean, soaking up the island sun. This faster-tempo track sounds like it might have been inspired by some of Drake’s previous successful songs such as “One Dance” and “Controlla” from Views. It is undoubtedly my favourite song on More Life as it bursts with colour and makes me feel alive, instantly urging me to dance.

This track’s lyrics convey something that Drake’s listeners have definitely heard before. “Passionfruit” is about the struggle to maintain a relationship, specifically a long distance one. Both lovers are “passionate” but “passive with the things [they] say.” In an R&B sounding way, Drake smoothly sings about his inability to trust and stay faithful with his significant other as the pieces that they pick up “keep fallin’ apart.” Ultimately, in a dance-worthy song, Drake is addressing a lover and is calmly telling her that he wants to take a break: “I think we should rule out commitment for now ‘cause we’re fallin’ apart.” “Passionfruit” shows Drake’s true sensitivity and gives listeners a hint of what might be going on in his personal life – something that we all crave to know about. By showing his sensitive side, Drake has done it again: crafting a dance-worthy beat that will certainly be on the radio soon.

Right now More Life is only available on Spotify and Apple Music. You can listen to a preview of “Passionfruit” here.


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