Track of the Day: “Green Light” by Lorde

“Green Light” by Lorde, the first single off of her upcoming album, Melodrama, has made a strong and promising debut since it’s release. Following her many other hits singles from the past, this track is different, but is just as effective as a single. “Green Light” is jam packed with energetic vibes and the feeling of a good time out with friends.

Lorde sings of moving on and letting go of a past love, waiting for the “green light” to set her free. Unlike like earlier work, like her first hit single, “Royals,” where Lorde sings of distancing herself from society, “Green Light” instead captures the notion of breaking away from someone toxic and joining those who are liberated.

The verses take a slow, mellow tone, but create a necessary build up to a climactic chorus, which captures a repetitive beat and melody, but features a lively combination of synthesized sounds that create a fun, foot-tapping dance track. Her vocals are double tracked in the verses, the second layer being an octave higher than the first, which makes the melody slightly more dynamic. It is unusual for Lorde to be accompanied by backup singers, as she almost always provides her own backing vocals, but in this circumstance (especially in the chorus), it adds an element that captures the feeling of being among a dancing crowd.

Overall, “Green Light” may not entirely live up to the bar set previously by “Royals,” but is a track that is strong, lively, exciting, intense, and definitely worth a listen. You can find “Green Light” on iTunes and Spotify, and the music video can be found below.


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