Track of the Day: “Mask Off” by Future

I can’t lie to you guys. “Mask Off” is basically a messy song made up of glamorizing drugs and although the lyrics may be a tad tasteless, the track itself is pure hype.

I’m not much of a rap guy, especially not for Future, but a bunch of my friends have been listening to this song lately and it’s really been growing on me so I thought I’d take it on more in depth. Generally I like to focus on lyrical content mixed in with the melody of a song, but for this one in particular, I think we can all agree that we’re listening to high energy pump up beat, so our primary focus isn’t on the lyrics. “Mask Off” may fall short in the ‘poetic meaning’ sense of the song, but the actual track gets you pumped up and ready for anything that comes your way.

Starting things off we see Future take the same sort of route that Lil’ Yachty and D.R.A.M. did back in 2016 by bringing in that catchy little flute sample as part of the beat. The brief flute melody is looped over and over throughout the whole song, but that’s exactly what makes it great. You see, the formula for a great hype rap track is simple: 1. Loop a simple melody on an instrument – typically an orchestral one you wouldn’t normally find in rap songs. 2. Repeat the same minor chordal sequence over and over. 3. Have some clever lyrics that people can bump to get hyped up. The whole song itself doesn’t have much other than the flute sample, a brief choral sample, and a typical trap beat in the background, but Future’s smooth mumble rap has a sort of flow that gets you amped up – even though the lyrics are ridiculous!

Getting into this song isn’t difficult at all and just like we saw with Migos earlier in the year, the mumble rap style combined with a trap beat produces some outlandishly catchy rap music and I would highly suggest checking out this tune if you’re in need of amping up.



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