Track of the Day: “Midnight Woman” by Danny Worsnop

Switching genres can be either a difficult thing for many singers or be an amazing experience for them. Danny Worsnop proves that in his new album The Long Road Home. When one thinks of Danny Worsnop, they think of the time when he was known as Asking Alexandria’s lead singer, and for having the best screams in metal core. The Long Road Home is something much softer compared to his other works, it is surrounding more in the country genre.

Worsnop’s tenth track off the album “Midnight Woman” is quite different compared to his other works. Not only is it much softer, but his voice sounds a bit emotional especially at the chorus in the end. This song both shows the old Danny and the new one. It may have a different sound, but the lyrics are something that fans would expect Worsnop to sing, spending the night with a woman. The lyrics are also nice and have a more romantic feeling in it.

Compared to the other tracks on the album, this one is a bit different; it has a violin after the chorus of the first verse going into the second verse. This gives off both a classical and country sound to the song. Worsnop also brings in a female vocalist in the song for the chorus, which makes the song sound a bit powerful. Even the guitar solo and tambourine changes the feeling of the song at the end. All the different sounds combining at the end creating a blues sound, almost a soulful sound.

A great artist is known for their personal growth as a singer. When I listen to this song, I can feel that Worsnop has indeed grown as a singer. He sounds sober, creating a different vibe to the song. Obviously, he sounds very happy with his new music change. I normally do not listen to country music, but this song is quite catchy compare to the other tracks off the album.

I hope you can enjoy “Midnight Woman” as much I do. Check out the song down below or find the full album off of YouTube.


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