Track of the Day: “Dive” by Ed Sheeran

Released as the third track of his latest album ÷ (Divide), Ed Sheeran’s “Dive” expresses his vulnerability, emotional reflection, and devotion in a more passionate way than ever before.

Through his guitar-led ballad, Sheeran moves away from his typical pop-sounding love songs and here, has a different perspective on love. With simple introductory sounds of an acoustic guitar and light percussion, “Dive” immediately sounds like early 1960’s soul music. Classified by Billboard as the most passionate song on the 2017 album, this track steps away from the usual smooth sounding voice of Sheeran and instead, shows the true grit in Sheeran’s voice. Here, Sheeran shows his passion for a girl as he tells her to “don’t call me baby unless you mean it/ don’t tell me you need me if you don’t believe it.” Sheeran testifies how he doesn’t want to be deceived “before [he] dive[s]” and commits himself to a potentially misleading person of interest. From his straining yet talented voice, it is clear that Sheeran is pushing his vocals (and seemingly his heart) to a breaking point.

The slower tempo and dramatic pauses of “Dive” allow me to take in and process every lyric that Sheeran sings as his raw sounding voice keeps the sentimental emotions flowing from his heart right into mine. A bluesy sounding electric guitar solo towards the end of the song further validates these vulnerable feelings of passion. While his songs have always had a dreamy and romantic feel to them, “Dive” works in the same way, except instead of enchanting me with his ravishing charm and making me wish that someone would love me the way that Sheeran does, this track works differently as it reminds me of the anxiety that also comes with falling for someone who might not be as equally committed.

Sheeran’s vulnerability throughout this track makes me wonder “how much I can take” as “Dive” plunges right into my heart.

You can listen to “Dive” here.



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