Album Review: Apocalipstick by Cherry Glazerr

Eleven tracks in counting, Cherry Glazerr’s new album Apocalipstick, was released this early year. This was the first album that was released for Secretly Canadian, which is an American independent record label.

Cherry Glazerr is an American rock band that was formed in Los Angeles California. The band members include; Clementine Creevy, our lead singer, Tabor Allen on drums, and Sasami Ashworth on synths. Cherry Glazerr formed when they were all in high school. Clementine had recently graduated in high school in 2015.

When coming up with their band name, the band members decided to name their band after KCRW- FM;s morning anchor Chery Glaser. They picked her because they enjoyed Chery’s everyday broadcast in the morning and simply loved her name. Later on, when they became hip, Cherry Glazerr got to meet the person their band was named after. In fact, she was quite flattered that the band had named them after her.

Apocalipstick is quite a different album. They played mostly hard rock, which is amazing. Using this rock genre, makes the alum almost rebellious especially for the first track, “Told you I’d be with the Guys.” It first starts off with a guitar riff and after two lines in, then it adds the other instruments. Even Clementine’s vocals are rough and scratchy in the whole song. The lyrics “I was a lone wolf” seems quite powerful in the song, calming that she wants to hang out with the “guys,” which is not normal for girls.    It later changes the genre a bit for the guitar solo to a smooth jazz. This impacts the song a bit from all of the craziness of rebelling. Later is goes back to the scratchy voice and ending that way.

The fifth track from the album, “Nuclear Bomb” is a bit different from the other songs. Instead of the powerful riffs, it is more acoustical. The song is a bit sad compared to the others. “All the souls are swimming in the bathtub” is repeated three times in the chorus. It brings emphasis that the song is dark and melancholy. The riff in the chorus sounds almost like listeners are travelling with the band in the sea. Clementine’s guitar solo in between the verses is nice and smooth which has a feeling of pain and contributes to song.

“Lucid Dreaming,” track seven down the list is one of the best songs off the album. It begins the song itself with the chorus, and is very upbeat throughout the whole song. The song is quite softer than the rest of the album, but is a bit happier sounding from the drums and riffs then “Nuclear Bomb.” It also brings back listeners to another time, when rock was first coming out. Clementine begins singing with a soft high voice that gives the effect of an angel. It suits the song very well, because it is about dreams. And the rhythm is very soft almost like a person travelling into the dream world. The song itself almost sounds like a lullaby to her, trying to wake her up.

“Nurse Ratched” is one of the songs that were released before the album; it also has a dream like quality like “Lucid Dreaming.” The difference is that it has more of a hard rock sound to the guitar riffs. It also sounds like Blondie, which may be one of their influences. Coming with a music video, it suits the song completely. With the riffs in the chorus, it suits the main theme of the video, travelling on the road and hitch hiking. It also provides suspense for when the child begins to kill her. “She’s a wild one,” suits the main character of the video, considering that she is a bit young to be by herself, not to mention killing someone. The video later ends, with the girl hitchhiking for another ride, but this time it is with a male. Cherry Apocalipstick ends the song with wooing’s and the same riff, which is almost a cycle comparing the video and the music. A little warning for sensitive stomachs, the scenes around the solo gets a bit graphic.

The last track off the album and shares the same name, “Apocalipstick” is quite shorter than the rest of the album, it is around two minutes. What is different is that there is no singing at all throughout the song. This makes it an outro to the album, a perfect way to end it. It is quite heavier sounding compared to the rest of the tracks, and it keeps repeating the same things. It also has a second guitar in it. Hearing this outro is amazing, because if the album was on repeat, it would be the perfect intro for the album, creating a loop.

A couple of influences for the album are, Kathleen Hanna, and Blondie’s lead singer Debbie Harry. Blondie, one of the most famous bands known to rock music, most definitely has an influence to their music. Apocalipstick’s scratchy guitar riffs are a huge comparison to Blondie. Having those riffs, it brings listeners back to that decade, when Blondie had first come out and changed rock music today.

Overall, listening to Apocalipstick is like a journey. Keeping the same theme in the genre, Cherry Glazerr uses almost the same sounding riffs to keep up with the album. The album has many different aspects comparing the song. Most of the songs are either about power, death, feeling lost, dreams. But mainly the album focuses on life, an everyday life that someone is probably experiencing out there. This is a good start for their new album, for their new record label. The song show growth and new beginnings, which again the track “Apocalipstick” is a great way to end on because it is neither sad nor happy, it sounds as though it could be used for a beginning track. Finding out that Cherry Glazerr is quite young is astonishing, considering that their album is practically art. Hearing their album now, feels like their future works will also be amazing. Check out the whole album on Spotify.


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