Track of the Day: “Silent Treatment” by Blanck Mass

Blanck Mass is an artist who has always been characterized by great ideas, but has never quite lived up to those ideas. “Silent Treatment” proves that, along with the rest of recently released album World Eater, he has finally begun to master those ideas.

The solo project of Benjamin Powers, one half of the trance-noise duo Fuck Buttons, the talent behind Blanck Mass has never been something in question. His talent however, never seemed to fully translate into his solo work until now. “Silent Treatment” not only excels beyond previous Blanck Mass work, but more than holds its own against the booming noise of the Fuck Buttons. Genre wise, the track is best described as a mix between noise, drone, and ambient with a bit of dance for good measure.

Dotted with various vocal samples throughout, “Silent Treatment” is equal parts abrasive and melodic. It effortlessly skips between melodious minimal dance and bursts of abrasive noise from moment to moment and while built on droning beats, the tracks takes surprising and unexpected turns. It is perhaps best described as soaring through beautiful, perfectly clear skies before suddenly finding yourself thrust into the middle of a storm. Before you can even think about how you got there however, you’re suddenly flying clear skies once again. Rinse and repeat to great success for seven minutes and thirty seconds and the result is “Silent Treatment.”

If you’re looking for dance music with a slightly more sinister bite to it, then “Silent Treatment” and the rest of World Eater are excellent places to look as both represent an excellent turning point for an artist crafting a unique blend of sounds.

“Silent Treatment” and the rest of World Eater can be found on Blanck Mass’ band camp here.


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