Track of the Day: “Heavy” by Linkin Park

In this decade, when one hears about Linkin Park, they think back to their old music. Almost everyone had heard of them or at least listened to them once. There songs have changed so much over the time. And also their fans have come and go. I personally love their old stuff such as the Hybrid Theory and Minutes to Midnight.

As their new song “Heavy,” was pre- released yesterday, I found myself giving the song a try. I have to admit that I was not that disappointed. Instead of continuing with rock music, Linkin Park decided to go into a pop direction with their new music. Alongside with Kiiara, Chester’s tenor voice matches well with hers. It also suits well within the genre Linkin Park is trying to convey.

Of course, for some odd reason the chorus reminds me of another song that I cannot place a name to. But in the music video, both Chester and Kiiara holds their facial expressions for this sad song that is about holding on in life. The video is also in dark colors which captivate this theme of depression and their pain. This song is nice and subtle compared to the other works. With this dark theme, the light, slow rhythm makes it understandable that they would play the rhythm with softer notes. The emotional video plays out with the dark lyrics “If I just let go, I’d be set free,” which is very inspirational for others who may feel that way.

I believe that this song is a great start in introducing their new album One More Light, which would be released on May 19 this year. Looking at this title and the song’s name, this album is most defiantly going to be something meaningful, especially to fans. It could also be the new beginning for another genre change in the band.

I think everyone should at least hear a Linkin Park song once in their lifetime. Listen to their new single “Heavy” down below and check out their album when it comes out in May. Who knows, maybe you might enjoy their new music.


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