Track of the Day: “Love” by Lana Del Rey

Well what do you know, another Track of the Day, and here I am talking about amoré again. Another person that constantly talks about love is our little friend Lana Del Rey, who recently released her new single: – you guessed it – “Love”.

I must admit that Lana really wasn’t an artist I’d listen to a lot – or really at all – until this song came out. After listening to a bunch of her stuff this week, I noticed that she carries a really strange aura that surrounds herself. Her enigmatic personality translates directly into most of her music, and it really shows off in this alternative/pop song.

The music itself is a combination of beautiful synthesized long tones and string harmonies in behind her voice for the majority of the song. She brings in a rhythm section consisting of a simple bass line and basic kit patterns, which support and show off her voice really well. Her airy, light tone sprinkles us listeners with such a delightful and fluffy melody all throughout – especially with the reverb and vocal compressor that was added on during production. All in all, Lana makes us feel good about ourselves, and that’s something great in itself. My favourite part of the song pops it’s head in and out of the chorus so quickly you might miss it. If you really listen carefully you’ll hear the sound of a gun loading right as Lana sings the word “Love”.

Even if you aren’t a fan of Lana Del Rey, I would suggest giving this song a chance just for the gorgeous lyricism she uses. How often do we hear soft ‘feel good’ ballads about being truly in love nowadays? The answer: Not often enough for me. “It don’t matter because it’s enough to be young and in love.” If you’ve ever been in or still are in love that just gives you chills.

Anyways, I would highly suggest you check out this tune even if you’ve never experienced love, simply for the reason that it makes you feel good.  Give it a listen!



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