Track of The Day: “Goodbye” by 2NE1

I can’t call myself a KPOP fan without talking about this track. The girl group 2NE1, a hugely successful and widely considered to be the greatest girl group ever created, suddenly disbanded in November of last year. Despite a member leaving the group months before the disband, the remaining three members were poised to release a new album until their publisher released news of their disbandment at the beginning of November. “Goodbye” is just that, its a final goodbye to all of 2NE1’s fans, known as Blackjacks, and according to member CL is meant to “express how sorry they are” to their international fan base.

In the two TOTD’s that I’ve done for this blog, the KPOP we’ve discussed has been chalk full of energy, fast paced, and incredibly hype. “Goodbye” is none of those things. Its a melancholic song, with a lonely acoustic guitar providing the online backing for the entire duration. The vocals are haunting to say the least, and when you translate them repeat the phrase “dont go” at the end of several lines. As if that wasn’t enough to make any open the waterworks of any dedicated BlackJack, the chorus hits even harder with the phrase “Until the day we met again, goodbye goodbye”. I know the song is about the group disbanding and saying farewell to their fans, but the lyrics make it sound like the group was a living breathing person who recently passed away. Even the music video is meant to get the tears going, as it shows the three remaining members watching black and grey videos of 2NE1’s past, such as when they first met, behind the scenes at their shows, and other things like that.

As of right now, no one is exactly sure why the group suddenly disbanded. Minzy left the group months before the disbandment due to it being the end of her contract, and while CL has enjoyed a brief stunt as a solo artist between albums on 2NE1, the disbandment announcement shocked everyone. Even former member Minzy responded on twitter regarding her surprise about the announcement. It was a shock to fans everywhere and a bigger shock to the KPOP indsustry, as no could believe that this super group which broke the stereotypes of KPOP groups had broken up. If you’ve been following all my blog posts and have listened to our podcasts, you know that this boy doesn’t like slow or mellowed out music, but this song is definitely in my top 10.

Have a listen (and maybe even a little cry) to “Goodbye” here!


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