Track of The Day: “Chase Me” by Dream Catcher

This week I’ve selected another treasure from the South Korean music scene. We’ve had some Korean Boy Bands on this blog (that’s a lot of B’s) but this week we’ll take a look at the other end of the KPOP spectrum with an up and coming Girl Group. This week’s track of the day is “Chase Me” by Dream Catcher.

Every KPOP group’s breakthrough song is always something that gets the audience hyped up, so don’t let the calm piano medley at the beginning of “chase me” fool you. Then there comes that infamous build up, it subtle at first and comes in the form of a muffled drum beat. In the next line, that same beat picks up speed and an electric guitar joins in while the vocals kick it into high gear and get the listener really pumped up. Right before the chorus hits there is a bit of a musical stagger in a sense that while the beat keeps its previous pace, the vocals aren’t delivered as fast. It gets extremely drawn out and builds up the anticipation for the ensuing drop, which I will mention, is fucking amazing.

The chorus has a lot of stuff going on in it, it has drums, synths, bass lines, guitar riffs and vocals for the entire group. It is honestly a little bit overwhelming at first, but you can’t help but get yourself psyched up when the fast paced beat hits you. What I like so much about the song is how musically diverse the back track is. After the absurdly energetic chorus the song drops right back into the piano medley you hear in the beginning and then the song continues as it did before. The contrast from energetic to mellow is interesting because it’s almost like the song is telling you “here take a break after jamming out to the crazy chorus before round two starts again”.

I’m usually not a fan when it comes to girl groups, simply because there images can be classified as either “super sexy” or “cute and innocence” which honestly distracts from the music. Part of the reason why KPOP appeals to me is that since I can’t understand the lyrics my interest in the genre lies purely in the instrumental and sound of the vocals. Dream Catcher is relatively new on the scene and has yet to release a full album but they seem to be focused entirely on the music they produce rather than their image, and I think that’s one of the reasons why I enjoy this group so much.

Have a listen to “Chase Me” below!


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