Track of the Day: “Remember Me” by Jennifer Hudson

Though we haven’t heard much of Jennifer Hudson since her 2014 album JHUD, this new single makes the Oscar and Grammy Award Winner impossible to forget.

Released March 3rd as the single to a rumoured upcoming album, “Remember Me” quenches my almost three years of longing to hear some new Jennifer Hudson tunes. This track begins with a slower beat, a simple piano and Hudson’s all-too-familiar and powerful voice. At first, I think that this song will be sad and slow as Hudson sings about someone who is seemingly deprived of her love, claiming that they’re “hurt,” “lonely,” and that Hudson “forgot to give [them] what [they] need.” However, as other instruments are gradually introduced, this song builds and picks up in tempo. The chorus diminishes any sense of Hudson’s sadness as she and the gospel choir behind her testify with confidence that she is the best that this guy is ever going to get; she assertively sings that he probably remembers her “in those moments just before [he] sleeps.” It is impossible to not snap your fingers while listening to this powerful and catchy ballad.

Hudson’s debut performance of “Remember Me” occurred last night on The Voice UK, where she is also a first-time judge. Although Apple Music classifies “Remember Me” as pop, I would call more it R&B Soul-like. In fact, the only pop quality about this song is the repetition of the chorus. Yet, even in the chorus, Hudson has a new take on every single repeat as she adds a new trill, riff and power to her voice each time. This song is fresh sounding compared to the typical sounds on the radio and I have no doubt that “Remember Me” will debut on the radio soon.

Clearly 2017 has much more in store for Jennifer Hudson and although we have not forgotten this music icon during her past few silent years, “Remember Me” further verifies her unforgettable musical talent.

Right now “Remember Me” is only available on Spotify and iTunes, you can watch Jennifer Hudson’s performance of “Remember Me” from The Voice UK here.


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