Track of the Day: “Sleepover” by Hayley Kiyoko

       Queer women at a sleepover – sounds like any straight guy’s biggest fantasy, right? But in Hayley Kiyoko’s new song “Sleepover,” the effect is actually quite the opposite from what you’d expect.

       Being an advocate, through her music and otherwise, for queer women is something Kiyoko has always been passionate about. One of her biggest hits, with over 60 million views on Youtube, is titled “Girls Like Girls.” And within “Sleepover,” while there are sexual undertones being presented about two women, the overall message is more a deep message about queer feelings than anything – though Kiyoko has never been shy about her sexuality either, as she shouldn’t be.

       The message is about how a female narrator – Kiyoko – has feelings for a female friend of hers, but this friend seems to not share these feelings.

 “You wanna be friends forever / I can think of something better / I’m just feelin’ low, feelin’ low.”

       It’s possible this friend doesn’t even know about the narrator’s feelings either, as Kiyoko sings “I don’t wanna talk about it / I don’t wanna think about it.” Trying to deal with unrequited feelings for someone is always hard. But, in the case of being LGBTQ, there’s always additional fear. There’s the possibility that, if these feelings were to be found out, that friend could feel disgusted, or even resent you for them. That’s why, in this case, the narrator focuses on the fact that at least she can imagine being with this girl in the safe space of her head: an important case of representation for multi-dimensional queer women and their feelings, and something I would’ve loved to hear a few years ago myself.

“At least I got you in my head.”

       As always, Kiyoko uses a smooth synth sound and pop vibes to get her message across, her soft but emotional voice like a soft lullaby beneath the bass of the song.

If you were already a fan of Kiyoko before this latest release, you won’t be disappointed, and if not, give it a listen to hear some of her genius.


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