Track of the Day: “Bound To You” by Jocelyn Alice

Thirty-one-year-old Calgary native Jocelyn Alice released her latest soulful pop single “Bound To You” on February 3, 2017. Though it appears to be a brand new song – after some digging through the internet – “Bound to You” was actually a song originally released by Alice and her current bass player, Lisa Jacobs, back in 2013 as the duo Jocelyn and Lisa.

The new version of the song abandons the minimalistic sound of the original, which didn’t include much more than bass, drums and vocals, for a faster tempo, added vocals and electro pop synth. The song transforms itself from soul/R&B to a pop song that would be considered more suitable to be played on Top 40 radio today. But even with this new sound, the tune still captures Alice’s uniquely toned voice and soulful sound.

“Bound To You” encapsulates what it’s like to not get over someone from your past. Time will pass, your hair will change, the chance to move on has come and gone – but you are “permanently bound to [him/her].” The notion has been used in songs by thousands of other artists time and time again, but Alice still manages to nail the feeling in this ballad-turned-dance tune. The energy levels of the song vary throughout providing a range of emotions from start to finish, when in previous versions of the song, the overall feel was consistent throughout.

As a whole, “Bound to You” works as both a ballad and an electro pop hit. Though some may admire her for her previous work, which is centered around a more acoustic sound, it is easy to appreciate this revamped song, as well as her many other tunes that have been featured on Top 40 radio so frequently within the past few months or so. “Bound To You” is effective in achieving a dance pop sound while still capturing the richness of Alice’s vocal talent and is definitely worth a listen.

You can find “Bound to You” on iTunes and Spotify, as well as in the lyric video below:


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