Track of the Day: “Somewhere in the Evening”by Planning for Burial

With “Somewhere in the Evening,” a single off upcoming album Below the House, Planning for Burial delicately dances on the fence between brutal and heavenly. While this track may prove challenging to some in its distorted noise, those willing to look behind its menacing sound will find quite a treat.

In terms of genre, this track belongs to a sound that has slowly gained prominence, but remains ever difficult to pigeonhole. In a way, it’s the demented cousin of nineties shoegaze, applying the genre’s techniques to black metal, doom metal, industrial, and post punk instead of alternative rock, making for an altogether more heavier sound. Often, the genre is given the descriptor of doomgaze.

“Somewhere in the Evening” is an enveloping track, the key to which is the ethereal atmosphere it creates through its brutal sound. Like many other tracks in the genre, the song is built upon repetition, creating a wall of sound with its repetitious riffs and drumming. Texturally, it’s absolutely drenched in reverb and distortion and it can be difficult to differentiate between the instruments, allowing for its thick and sludgy sound. The vocals are low in the mix and nearly impossible to understand, but they’re backed by tortured screams that accentuate the feelings behind them.

As the five-minute track comes to a close, the wall of sound peters out and ends on a subdued, melancholic note. In place of the noise is a pleasant droning sound (that morphs into the distance whirring of a saw) and a piano, which plays the song to a close. Ultimately, “Somewhere in the Evening” is not a track characterized by its technicality or musicianship, but by a sense of bleak beauty.

Below the House will be released through experimental record label The Flenser on March 10th, 2017. Listen to the track on his band camp here.


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