Track of the Day: “Spell it Out” by You Me at Six

On January 6, 2017, You Me at Six released their album called Night People. Compared to their older works, they are quite heavy and on the rock and roll side.  The ninth track on their album is quite different in terms of the rhythm in the last album. Unlike starting off as heavy, “Spell it Out” introduces a slow into. This is a nice way to almost end the album with the second last song. It creates a nice introduction for the last track.

Unlike the rock and roll vibe in the beginning, it has an almost pop sounding sound. Then they slowly bring in other instruments to bring back the rock and roll rhythm that the rest of the album share. Which I have to admit, is the best part of the song, especially since it is fun to head bang to the rhythm. If you close your eyes, you can separate each instrument from each other. The lead guitar has more of a rock vibe that makes me think of the old west because it is quite dark and smooth. After the second chorus, the rhythm guitar changes the song by taking on a Jonah Jett riff.

All of the songs off of Night People are quite dark. “Spell it Out” is quite the same. The only difference is that the lead singer starts off the song with deep, dark, whispering vocals, which attributes to the haunting introduction. He later turns these soft vocals into an angry key change, where you can hear his pain in the song. “In all this mayhem, you’ve made me feel again, but some of me won’t be saved, I’ve tried to change, I’ve got my ways, losing grip and sanity, I know, I know, I know, I know.” These lyrics demonstrate pain and the craziness of the song. You Me at Six explain that they do not want to be saved which is the whole meaning of the song. It also contributes to the album’s title Night People, because when I think of someone going out at night, I think of someone who is lost and has a dark past.

Give this song a try down below, or find the full album off of Spotify or iTunes.


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