Track of the Day: “Love on the Weekend” by John Mayer

I seem to be talking a lot about love lately, but I feel like that’s just because it’s such a common subject to write songs about! Roughly 50% of all pop songs today are written about love, and Johnny boy seems to be following that trend with his latest EP titled The Search for Everything. 

The tune itself is infectiously catchy. It begins with the most simple guitar lick I’ve heard John ever make, but it’s that kind of simplicity that allows listeners to hum along mindlessly while they got lost in the song. The melody is even simpler ranging between four to seven different notes all through the song, yet I find myself singing along and harmonizing the whole way through.

To me, the best part of this tune is the overall structure all together. If you know anything about John Mayer, you know he’s been known to write some really complex guitar riffs that play underneath an insanely catchy vocal melody over the years. This song on the other hand, is simple through-and-through and I think that reflects the path his career his followed lately. After so much studio success with his past albums, it seems like John is starting to take a break with the ‘work’ side of music and now he’s just playing whatever he feels like for the fun of it.

All in all, this may not be one of John’s many masterwork pieces, but it’s fun, it’s light, and it has a total ‘feel-good’ vibe to it.

If you’re into sitting around and having a good time check out the song, and maybe give it a download!



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