Track of the Day: “When Someone Stops Loving You” by Little Big Town

Releasing their new track “When Someone Stops Loving You” three days prior to their February 24th release of their latest album, Little Big Town definitely gave fans a taste of The Breaker.

Beginning with simple acoustic guitars and only one-fourth of the iconic quartet’s voices, this track feels like an old school, conventional country song. Singing about heartbreak and sorrow, Jimi Westbrook’s smooth voice opens the song, chanting about “crack[ing] a smile and crack[ing] a beer,” pretending like his heartbreak isn’t hurting him. Though the acoustics remain the same, Westbrook’s voice builds, getting louder until the rest of Little Big Town join in for the chorus: “when someone stops loving you it don’t make the evening news, it don’t keep the sun from rising, the clock from winding, your heart from beating.” The quartet’s virtuous harmonies work well within the chorus. This track will force you to feel the anguish that comes with heartbreak, “even if you [don’t] want it to.”

“When Someone Stops Loving You” is about having to fake that you are okay despite the true despair that one feels following a breakup. Little Big Town recognizes that a breakup might be a big deal for the individual going through it, but seems very minute compared to the rest of the world. Despite trying to hide and ignore the misery, this song claims true: everything will remind you of your ex-significant other, even something simple like buttoning up a collared shirt because it is “the one she used to button down.” By this song being released shortly before the rest of the album, it perfectly displays Little Big Town’s lyrical growth that is shown in The Breaker. Any listener can relate to “When Someone Stops Loving You” along with many other songs on their latest album.

If you need a good cry listen to “When Someone Stops Loving You.” It will give you all of the feels.

You can listen to “When Someone Stops Loving You” here.


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