Live Review: Too Close to Touch at the Hard Luck Bar, February 26, 2017

American rock band, Too Close to Touch had performed Sunday evening at the Hard Luck bar. It was a spectacular night. Of course, like many great bands they had a couple of openers warming up the crowd.

The first opener of the night was performed by In Case We Crash, which is a melodic pop punk band from Toronto. Now even though they are not well known, they tried their best to pump up the audience. This was quite hard considering the size of the venue. Their sounds blended well together, but you can tell that they need a bit more experience. What I found interesting was that they brought their own drum kit and that took quite the time to take down. Not only that, but it was hard to see the drummer behind the vocalist during the performance. It would have been best if the drums were on a podium. But overall, they were an amazing band to listen to. They did not mess up in anyway and it was enjoying hearing their music. One day this band will make it in the musical realm.

Creeper was the second performance of the night. The first thing that stood out for me was their matching shirts. Each shirt had their band symbol which was the grim reaper inside of a heart. It was interesting to hear of them for the first time. The audience very well, had heard of them. And they knew all of their songs. Hearing the lead singer sing, it brings up the question on whether or not, he idolizes the Black Veil Brides lead singer Andy Biersack. Hearing that they are from the United Kingdom was quite exciting to hear, especially when the band praised Canada for being the home of Tim Hortons.

Two groups in and Too Close to Touch finally made their grand entrance. Hearing the audience get all excited, you can tell which band have the more experience. With their humorous jokes in between their songs, they sure know how to captivate an audience. And what I found amazing was that when this band said to jump or sing along, the audience actually did so, however when the other bands done so, the audience was quite dead. Too Close to Touch played many songs off of their new album Haven’t Been Myself. They sounded almost exactly like their studio version. Even when the lead singer screams, it was not far off.

Of course, with my psychic abilities the band played their best single from 2015, “Pretty Little Thing.” Hearing it live was a new experience. They stuck to the same version of the recorded version. The only difference was that they asked the audience to sing the chorus. I believe that interacting with the audience is crucial to a great performance, which they succeeded quite well. The guitarist also kept with his solos, which was nice. I know that some artists sometimes perform a different version of a song, which may or may not be to the audience’s liking. Also, when they go from a fast paced song into a slow one, it is very entertaining to watch. They all hold musical expressions on their faces and make it heartwarming. All of the band members looked like they were enjoying themselves when they were playing.

The venue itself was different from what I imagined. Other than classical concerts, I have never really been to a concert that I actually wanted to go to. This was quite the experience. The downside to this was waiting outside in the cold for almost fifteen minutes. But although the bar was a bit dark, the atmosphere was friendly. And the audience was a bit young, considering that it is for all ages. But most of them came with their parents, which quite cool of them since concerts like these tend to appeal to more young adult behaviors.

Check out the studio version of “Pretty Little Thing” here


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