Live Review: Midnight Metro at Average Joe’s Sports Bar, February 24, 2017

This Friday, patrons of Average Joe’s Sports Bar gathered to watch the acts involved in the Rock For Dimes fundraiser for March Of Dimes Canada. Of the several groups and musicians that performed, it was clear that Midnight Metro stood out from the rest.

Midnight Metro classifies themselves as a Rock/Alternative group that originated in Tecumseh. It consists of Allesandro Rotondi, 19, River Pathak, 19, Nick Reynolds, 19, and Eric Vanier, 16. Since their start in 2014, they have released a studio album, played numerous shows and festivals, and are in the process of developing their second album.

The band performed as a three piece, with Rotondi filling in for Reynolds on bass, but the lack of a member on stage did not take away from the power of their sound. Following an acoustic act, Midnight Metro didn’t fail to grab the audience with their infectious energy.


They opened their set with a cover of “Island In The Sun” by Weezer, a tune well known by nearly anyone who serenaded their summers with beachy tunes in the early 2000s. I found that it was particularly interesting that they would start with a cover, however, it was a good move because the crowd was instantly drawn to them. “Island In The Sun” is a very loose-sounding, casual song, and the group managed to achieve sounding very relaxed without losing the tightness of their playing.

They then played three originals, two of which being from their debut album, Where Did The Time Go (2015), and the other, “Green Carousel,” a single released in July 2016. Though the styles of each song seem to differ slightly, the group’s passion for their music is clear to see. “I’m Alright” came with some impressive drumming from Vanier, as well as some funky bass runs from Rotondi. Though the vocals were not their strongest, “I’m Alright” served as a good introduction to their original work, which often strangely falls somewhere between the style of The Beatles and Avenged Sevenfold. “Green Carousel” is a tune that is less heavy and more psychedelic, doing a better job of displaying the talent behind Pathak’s guitar playing. The shreds during his solo brought cheers from the crowd. “Wasted Times” showed off Rotondi’s strong vocals, which, even with a low volume, paired nicely with his complex bass runs.

In the center of their set, they incorporated another cover from Weezer, “Say It Ain’t So,” then followed with two more original tunes. “In Your Eyes” and “I Want You,” both from their first album, can easily be considered their strongest songs. Both lead with vocals by Rotondi, but with considerably different styles, these songs effectively drew claps and cheers from the audience. “In Your Eyes” is a lighthearted rock tune that gains its fullness from Vanier’s impeccable drumming. With harmonies from Pathak and Vanier, this song is full to the brim with elements that mesh together perfectly. “I Want You” is much heavier than the previous song, but is just as effective in capturing the talent of this group and the variety of genres within their work.


The peak of their performance was their closing song, a rock cover of The Beatles’ “I Saw Her Standing There.” Without a doubt, the band nailed this cover with the tightness and complexity of their playing. Within seconds of starting, members of the crowd were dancing their hearts out in front of the stage. Though there were moments in previous songs where the vocals were not as strong or the auditory levels of the guitars weren’t perfect, the amount of energy put into this performance made up for it. The audience emitted cheers during the entire song, and the joy of playing a classic song was all over the faces of the band.

Overall, even with minor technical issues, Midnight Metro took this tiny venue and owned it. You would never guess that this group is a three piece if you listened with your eyes closed, which goes to show how strong of a band they truly are. Their impeccable talent and incredible energy they share together succeeded in engaging the audience in a highly entertaining performance that left the bar beaming for the rest of the night.

You can find Midnight Metro on every social platform and watch the music for their song “I Want You” as well as their cover of “I Saw Her Standing There” here:


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