Live Review: Christie Palazzolo at The Bourbon Tap & Grill, February 23, 2017


The Bourbon on a Thursday night held people of all ages, from twenty-year old kids who were drinking quickly at the bar to older 65 year-old men who were sipping Budweiser and watching the hockey game. But as I sat at a table, attentive to the crowd, I noticed that they all shared one thing in common: they sang along to the live music playing.

When Christie Palazzolo began to sing, nearly everyone paused in awe of the powerful, beautiful voice that was coming from this young woman with blue streaks in her hair. Though they continued to go back to their chitchat with their groups, throughout the night there were always people singing along. When her father, Pete Palazzolo began playing the piano and Christie began to sing Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love,” I realized how outstanding and controlled Christie’s voice truly was. Her voice was lighter sounding compared to Adele’s but every word that she sang was loud, clear, and spot-on to the original.

What stood out the most to me were Christie’s song choices and mash-ups. The Beatles “Come Together” mixed with “Lose Yourself” by Eminem was my favourite. Christie confidently played the guitar chords of “Come Together,” but they worked for “Lose Yourself” perfectly. If I hadn’t known both of those songs before, I would have thought that it was only one song that she was covering. This mash-up itself displayed the variety of genres that Christie could sing: Rock, Rap, Pop, and Country – she really could do it all and because of this, she catered to every audience member, no matter their age or their music preference.

On the break following her first set, Christie socialized with a few tables and introduced herself. I thought that this gesture was humbling because it allowed the audience to get to know her on a personal level and also allowed Christie to promote herself and her music. I overheard Christie telling someone that she had lost her voice last week and that she still wasn’t feeling completely back to normal. This shocked me and made me appreciate her vocals even more. Christie’s mom, dad, siblings, and what I assumed were family friends, sat at a large table close to the stage and cheered loudly for Christie after every song. This was really cute to watch and the family’s support and cheers made other people in the room cheer and clap louder. I could tell that the Palazzolos were very family-oriented and this only made me like them even more.

Christie sang many songs accompanied by her dad, Pete. He played the piano and guitar and would sing in a duet-like fashion with his daughter. Pete, a musician, producer, teacher, songwriter and vocalist in Windsor had introduced singing and playing the piano to Christie when she was only three years old. Together, the father-daughter duo had nothing but synchronization on and off the stage. Her dad made typical “dad-jokes” about Christie’s jeans being ripped and she rolled her eyes. Their collaboration of Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead Or Alive” was astonishing. The harmony between the two’s voices – Pete with a deeper, rougher voice and Christie’s strong and higher voice – worked very well. If I closed my eyes while listening, I truly thought that I was at a Bon Jovi concert, especially when Pete slayed his electric guitar solo.

Every cover by Christie was exceptional, but her original songs, “Misfit,” “Out of Time,” “You’ll Think of Me,” “Alive Today,” and “Goodbye” were where she seemed the most confident and really owned the stage. The live versions of her songs sounded exactly like the recorded versions on iTunes. These original songs were all very catchy and sounded like a mixture of rock and pop. Christie effortlessly hit every note and riff. Throughout the night, she and her father promoted these songs and encouraged the audience to purchase one of her CDs. These original tunes are currently playing on the radio across Canada.

Christie Palazzolo really put on a good show. She engaged with all members of her audience and all members of her audience seemed to thoroughly enjoy the evening.

You can listen to Christie Palazzolo’s original track “Alive Today” here.


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