Track of the Day: “Snow Cats” by AFI

On January 20th of 2017, AFI finally released The Blood Album. In order to tease their fans, they leaked out two songs, one of them called “Snow Cats.”

Hearing this song, you can tell that they had grown together as a band and made a new fresh sound. Looking back from their works in 2006 compared to now, their style has changed. Lead singer Davey Havok used to have an emo look but now he looks normal and their change sounds like regular rock music.

The song “Snow Cats” focuses on the color white, especially in the music video. They all wore white. The best part of this song is that you could take it in many different meaning. Just from the chorus, you could tell that it is a very strong and powerful song. You can imagine yourself rebelling against someone who is abusing power. Or you can interoperate it as a love song that did not exactly end well. Either way, you know that Havok is not going to take it quietly. He starts off in the first verse with some strong questions “am I coy enough? Not boy enough?” which sets the mood of the song.

When I think about snow cats, I think of a powerful and feisty animal baring its claws and teeth. Even at the end around the last verse, Jade Puget sends it off with a nice guitar solo. It is not that scratchy and is quite clean. The vocals are also quite clean; you can tell that Havok has taken good care of his voice over the years. Many vocalist who tends to scream, has to take voice surgery once in their lives and sometimes it changes their sound a bit. But it is refreshing to come back to this band again and notice the good changes and the things that stayed the same.

Check out AFI’s music video down below on YouTube or check out the full album on Spotify.



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