Track of the Day: “Oceans Away” by A R I Z O N A – Sam Feldt Remix

Love is a tricky thing. For most people, it’s hard to pull off even when you’re together, so being in love while being apart is a completely different ball game. “Oceans Away” is a tune about being in a distance relationship and honestly, A R I Z O N A’s lyrics hit all the notes (haha) perfectly. The lyrics tell a story of a boy that’s hopelessly in love with a girl that lives far away and the helplessness he feels since he can’t physically be with her.

Moving on to the musical aspect of the tune, Sam Feldt’s remix of this song gives it a surprisingly upbeat twist – considering it’s a song about the pains of a distance relationship. Feldt adds his signature ‘pick-me-up’ electronic house sound to an A R I Z O N A that was otherwise quite slow and drawn out. Sam stays true to the original song by keeping most elements of the melody the same, but he adds a some serious groove to the backing track. Sam replaces the boring ‘four-on-the-floor’ bass drum with some bells, some clapping, some tambourine shots, and some snare hits. The kit spice up makes for a huge improvement as it instantly gets your head bobbing up and down all throughout the song.

Lets get to the good part though – the “drop”. As far as EDM (Electronic Dance Music) goes, there tends to be a drop or hook at the end of the chorus that really reels listeners in. In this case, Sam takes the original melody and samples it into a synth giving it an addictive quality like that of hard drugs or even worse – Cheetos.

I absolutely adore this tune and I’ve got to say, once you’ve listened to it once, you’ll be spamming your repeat button so much that it may freeze up from sheer overuse. Give it a listen and open your wallet – I’m sure you’ve got $1.29 to spare on this banger.


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