Track of the Day: “Not Today” by BTS

On October 10th, 2016 Korean pop group BTS released their second studio album titled Wings with tracks that rapidly rose to the top of the charts, and to the top of their fan’s hearts. On February 13, 2017, BTS re released this album along with four new tracks, one of which is today’s track of the day: “Not Today”.

“Not Today” is a song about underdogs and persevering in the face of adversity, wrapped up in a fast paced, electro-dance backtrack. The song opens with the groups rapper ‘Rap Monster’ saying “All the Underdogs in the world/ a day may come where we lost/ but that day is NOT TODAY” before the track explodes into its dance inducing frenzy. While a majority of the lyrics are in Korean, as is KPOP tradition, there are English phrases and words inter-spliced throughout the songs 4 minute duration. The titular phrase “Not Today” is repeated several times throughout the track and reminds listeners that today is not the day to surrender, but to keep pushing through until tomorrow, which will be infinitely better.

Lets not forget about the insane backtrack on this song either. The track opens with a muffled version of the chorus which easily draws in listeners that are fans of BTS’ dance songs or just listeners who love to party. What is interesting about the track is the verses between the chorus are very simplified, featuring a repetitive snare and cymbal and low synth. But dont let the verses fool you, when the bridge into the chorus hits, it adapts a sound that slowly builds up until it drops you right into the chorus, which is stacked with a heavy bass line and high contrasting synths, a staple for any BTS dance track.

KPOP briefly took over the world when PSY’s “Gangnam Style” went viral, with people falling in love with the weird music video, catchy lyrics and the amazing choreography.  And although it can be difficult to listen to KPOP because of the language barrier, you can’t deny  the catchiness of  BTS’ “Not Today”. If you’re new or never listened to KPOP before, then I seriously urge you to have a listen to “Not Today” as it is a great introductory track into the KPOP world!

Have a listen to it here!


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