Track of the Day: “I Give You Power” by Arcade Fire ft. Mavis Staples

This track rumbles in my ears like I’m at the bottom of my neighbour’s swimming pool while a construction crew works on the street. The deep bass laps over my edges. It fills every alcove like I’m bathing in it. My fingers are pruned with the music and I become indistinguishable from the smooth boom. It dives deeper down than any Arcade Fire track before it. The sonorous synths fight their way in to top off the liquid onslaught.

“I Give You Power” is the band’s first new release since Reflektor in 2013. Though the album was itself a new sound for the band, it wasn’t completely alien to their older stuff. But this track jumps leaps and bounds from the big string, loose strumming acoustics of yore. It fully embraces a space-invader attitude. At points it gives me the feeling I’ve just finished the Stranger Things season finale in a dark basement. This song says something’s coming, and it’s big. I think that something might be the full album that this singly belongs to.

The true power behind this track is Mavis Staples’ vocal contribution. She adds a husky, dangerous sound that brings the threatening lyrics to life. “I give you power, now I say I can’t watch you take it away.” It sounds like Win Butler is pleading with her as they dance through an echoey call and answer. Staples owns this song, and keeps Butler locked in the cage of percussion and vocal reverb that this band does so well. Have a listen to the “I Give You Power” below, and look out for the new album later this year.


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