Track of the Day: “Long Live Love” by LeAnn Rimes

Released as the first single on LeAnn Rimes’ new, supposedly country-pop album, “Long Live Love” is anything but a country-pop song. Filled with synth, quick drum beats, warped guitar and powerful vocals, this song acts as a sort of anthem to the message Rimes accompanies with Remnants. It incorporates elements that would be found in R&B, soul and gospel music, which don’t typically fit under the category of country-pop, causing us to question whether or not Rimes is really a country artist anymore. Fans who have followed Rimes throughout her journey as an artist may be satisfied with this transition to other genres of music, while some probably also long for her to return to the country music she had originally started out with.

The repetition serves to create a melody that forces itself into your brain and finds itself stuck in your head for weeks afterward. Her strong lead vocals along with the back up vocals make a strong, effective statement when paired together. The message is clear: LeAnn is rising up, loving freely, living life as she pleases and never giving up.

In comparison to the rest of Remnants, “Long Live Love” is extremely upbeat and powerful. The single acts as a good introduction to the album, but doesn’t entirely allude to the emotional ballads about the importance of love, family and relationships. When I first heard it, I could tell that this passionate anthem captures Rimes’ power, but I almost wonder if another song on Remnants may have been better suited as the first single.

“Long Live Love” is filled with passion and soul. Though it strays away from LeAnn’s past music, it makes for an effectively strong, catchy single that acts as a sufficient introduction to her emotionally-charged album, Remnants.

“Long Live Love” is available on both iTunes and Spotify. You can listen to the track here:


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