Track of the Day: “Chopsticks on Pots and Pans” by Allison Crutchfield.

The soundtrack to a classic 90’s movie – that’s what Allison Crutchfield’s Tourist In This Town reminds me of. It has hints of deep emotion behind its pop-punk sound, with soft synths flowing in and out of every song to keep you floating along. The ride is a little bumpy at times, with the backtrack almost overpowering the vocals too much, but that gives me 90’s vibes as well.

The final song on the album, “Chopsticks on Pots and Pans,” is no different in terms of that feeling, and seems to summarize the album and its expressed emotions. The era of the 90’s is nostalgic for me. Even though I was born halfway through the decade in ’95, it’s representative of childhood, and the concept of chopsticks banging on pots and pans connects to this. When I was younger – and I feel like a lot of people had this experience – my mother used to lay out pots and pans and give me two wooden spoons so I could play the drums. This nostalgic feeling is also present within the beginning drumroll at the start of the song, reminiscent of a simple beat I used to bang out as I pretended I was a rock star. But the theme of the album and the song itself is a bit more mature than that, dealing with forms of a sad confidence; the concept of embracing heartbreak, tough relationships, and emotions in general. This particular ending track embodies that, even through the lines, “Maybe you would be proud, I speak out loud / But I’m still so self-conscious,” expressing Crutchfield’s ability to perhaps be more confident with her words but less so in herself. Similar messages are expressed in other tracks, such as “Sightseeing,” and “Secret Lives and Deaths.”

Overall, with its acoustic and electric guitar riffs, recurring drum beat, and soft undertones of melancholy, “Chopsticks on Pots and Pans” is the perfect finishing track for Tourist In This Town.

Check it out on Spotify!


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