Track of the Day: “The Marriage” by Allison Crutchfield

On her debut solo LP, Tourist in this Town, Allison Crutchfield has seemingly turned her back on her pop punk roots, opting for a surprisingly new wave influenced sound. “The Marriage” however, is her way of reminding people that, underneath all those synths, the lo-fi bedroom rocker of years past isn’t dead.

Lasting a mere 56 seconds, “The Marriage” is pure pop punk: it’s straightforward, fast, and doesn’t waste a single moment. In a way, it almost feels like Crutchfield is over compensating, as if she herself felt that there would be a void in the record without at least one clear-cut pop punk track. Beginning with the swift tapping of drumsticks to signal what’s coming, the track suddenly launches into a flurry of guitar, drums, and vocals. When Crutchfield starts singing she doesn’t stop until the track abruptly ends, with her saying everything she has to in the small amount of time she allotted herself.

Instrumentally, the track is Crutchfield’s attempt to embrace the ethos of the punk side of pop punk as few things scream punk more than sharp, hard hitting songs that end just as quickly as they begin. Lyrically however, it’s quintessentially pop punk, concerning itself with Crutchfield’s hopeful new relationship in light of her previous break up. Indeed, the whole album is based on her break-up and “The Marriage,” both in sound and message, serve as a contrast to the album as a whole with it being the only track that doesn’t find her hung up on her previous relationship.

In this, an irony is created: in turning to a sound from her past, Crutchfield is able to find a way to look into the future without lingering on the past. Meanwhile, her new sound – though suggestive of her moving on – finds itself unable to escape past heartbreak.

Listen to this track and the album in full on Spotify.


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