Track of the Day: “Secret Lives and Deaths” by Allison Crutchfield

“Secret Lives and Deaths” is a beautiful song written by Allison Crutchfield in her new solo album Tourists in this Town. It captivates the essence of a story or in this case her story. The beginning of the song has a strange echo, almost like a lullaby. This is a perfect start of telling her story. It brings listeners to a realm of dreaming. One might think of mermaids, calling upon others to listen to Allison’s song.

It also seems like she is experimenting in genres in this song. There is a bit of old fashioned techno mixed with rock. Her Alabama accent also peaks through in her singing, which is quite pleasant considering she is not making country music. The harmony at the chorus is very beautiful and matches with her voice quite well. It also brings an emphasis to the word “sun” since she says it three times. And when a person thinks of the sun, they think of happiness and a light that overpowers the dark, which captivates the heart of her song and story. Additionally, it brings up the question on whether or not Allison has studied music in her life.

“Secret Lives and Deaths,” is very intriguing. You can hear that Allison has indeed lived her life and experienced many things such as love and death. There is also a theme of nostalgia in her lyrics. This is perfect for going off in her first solo album to sing about her experiences. Allison also makes references to a male very often which makes it seem like this is a love song but it did not work out in the end. By closing your eyes and listening to this song, you can feel the emotions radiating off of her voice, happiness, sadness, and a bit of love. This works with her theme of dreams with her background music.

This amazing dream like song is worth listening to. Give her story a listen to down below or you can find the full version of the album on Spotify.


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