Track of the Day: “How To Kiss A Boy” by LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes is a country artist no more! For those hardcore fans of hers, I’m sorry to say that she’s moving onwards towards a more pop-like style – much like many country girls before her I might add. The country singer has transitioned many times between pop and country, but now it looks like she’s going pop to stay. There are a bunch of pop power ballads on Remnants that give Rimes the perfect platform to show off her huge voice, and “How To Kiss A Boy” is just one of them.

The tune starts out quite softly as Rimes aims to hook listeners in with the all-too-relatable lyrics; “First time he says I love you, You got no choice but to believe”. The line seems like such a cliché, and yet it still rings so true. LeAnn draws in every girl that’s ever experienced any sort of affection – so easily I might add – by playing on such a common theme: heartache. Moving onto the music, we see the simple backing tracks that consist of minimal strings and a solo piano. This is cleverly done to make sure that Rimes’ voice stays the centre of attention, and I have to say, that big voice of hers adds a whole new dynamic to the power ballad.

The tune itself is one of the more introspective sad ones on an album that’s focused so much on healing. Rimes talks so much about healing throughout the album, but this tune focuses on the hurt she had to feel before she healed and I think that brings a new element of understanding to her listeners.

Being a sucker for ballads myself, I absolutely adored this song and I must add that if you’re a fan of big voices and ballads this album does not disappoint. Give the track a listen and hear for yourself what I’m talking about.


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