Track of the Day: “Outrageous Love” by LeAnn Rimes

This track delivers like the show stopping number from your favourite Disney musical. It starts on a flittering faerie dance of keys and strings that only tease at the drama to come. The curtains rise, and it’s on with the show.

The waltz time signature plucks at your chest, and the song takes you away. It builds a bubble world for you and your lover—one of those camera-spinning, whirlwind moments where everyone is watching you twirl at the top of the Empire State Building and shout to the sky. You grin from ear to ear, and throw your arms out to catch every moment of magic that envelops you both. This song makes you forget to care who’s watching, but it sure as hell makes everyone stop to listen. The bridge is on the edge of anger with its this-is-who-I-am intensity; it builds into that perfectly placed key change you’d expect from any theatrical masterpiece. The track flies with honesty through a romantic tizzy and all of its entanglements.

“Outrageous Love” distances itself from the fact that Remnants is a breakup album. On this track, LeAnn Rimes unapologetically defines who she is in a relationship: “Greedy, I know I’m demanding, I’ll make a mess of you.” She lets her powerhouse vocal blow the roof off this track. “Take nothin’ less than love with a vengeance. It’s what you would go to hell and die for.” “Outrageous Love” is one of a few upbeat songs (“Long Live Love,” “Love is Love is Love,” “Dang Dang,”) on this album; they balance out some of the collection’s more retrospective, sorrowful pieces. Rimes brings to the table a little something for everyone, especially with this track of the day. Have a listen below:


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