Track of the Day: “Deans Room” by Allison Crutchfield

On her first solo album, Allison Crutchfield brings the big guns and comes out swinging with a myriad of pop/punk tracks. Her fourth track on the album, “Deans Room” may be one of the most chaotic and craziest songs I have ever heard, but its apparent instrumental anarchy has its own charm and is actually my favourite song off the entire album.

The song starts off with a heavy and fast paced drum beat that is quickly joined by an accompanying bassline and some far out synths. Crutchfields voice joins the accompaniment shortly after and her soothing and soft voice contrasts completely with the aggressive ‘in your face’ sound of the percussion track, with the synths providing a balance between both. There’s a sense of tension in the song as if the soft spoken voice of Crutchfield is holding back her emotions while the instruments go insane, until the chorus hits and the tension is released and both of them explode.

If you thought the verses and bridges were crazy, the chorus takes it to a whole other level. The gently tapping of drum cymbals involves into full on crashing and Crutchfields joins in the anarchy by repeating the choruses simple phrase “You just wanna catch me alone”.  The drums get so loud at this point it’s difficult to hear any of the other instruments on the track, and if I had to describe the chorus to someone I would easily say “it’s just loud. It’s loud and noisy”. But just as the song seemingly explodes with energy at the chorus, as a listener I felt a similar burst of energy that honestly made me want to thrash around in a mosh pit.  If you’re a diehard fan of punk, the drums and Crutchfields vocals will definitely satisfy your ear drums, but if you’re more a fan of pop then the synths and groovy bassline will hit all the right notes with you.

Have a listen to “Deans Room” here!


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