Track of the Day: “Mile Away” by Allison Crutchfield

Philadelphian pop-punk princess, Allison Crutchfield, turns the break up song on it’s head with her song “Mile Away”, that tackles heartbreak with lyrical sophistication, and punk panache. The track is from her 2017 album, Tourist in this Town. Crutchfield packs in a range of grime synth tone overlapped in a way which takes on qualities of a distorted organ. The drums roll in stripped and heavy; similar to drums of The White Stripes, Wye Oak, Menomena. The drums seem to represent the emotion of the song best as it climaxes and cascades throughout the song, highlighting its power on the track.

Through the drum and synth Cruthfield has targeted lyrics, “You were spared rejection and it’s a dangerous thing/ So you wake up confident every single day/ You retire your own decency, you exonerate”. However with such heavy drums and accompanying synth drowns out the lyrics on “Mile Away” more than other songs on the Lo-Fi album like, “I Don’t Ever Want to Leave California”, “Dean’s Room”, and “Expatriate”. But in someways it is fitting on the track and the dry anger in it. Crutchfield’s parallels this quite singing tone in her lyrics when she sings, “You assume you understand because your voice is the loudest” . The track fits in well with the album as a whole and themes of mental emotional fatigue, apathy, anger, as well as the wrestle between reason and heart. It is packaged in a lo-fi, pop punk package, that upon first listen combines both these elements in appropriate portions, which accessible to listeners both in and outside of punk circles.


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