Track of the Day: “Remnants” by LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes is “nobody’s leftovers,” and she confirms this by giving us everything she’s got in her track, “Remnants.”

This song comes abruptly after the fourth track’s softer and slower tune. Beginning with an electric guitar and banging drum in full force, this introductory sound merely warms listeners up for the firm voice of Rimes calling out a “demon man” who is “drunk on [his] reverie.” “Remnants” is a song where Rimes does not hold back. By the chorus, she is belting out, attesting that she “will build a kingdom from [her] remnants” and quite truthfully, through the repetition and the confidence in her powerful voice, I believe every word.

In comparison to her older country music, Rimes’ “Remnants” would be considered a different genre. This track sounds more like soulful pop and reminds me of a Christina Aguilera song as both artists have a compelling and unforgettable voice. The soulful tune and message that “Remnants” preaches also makes me classify this track to have a bit of gospel inspiration in it. The back-up vocals sound a lot like a Sunday service’s congregation: just as a choir at church moves a listener further into what is being preached, this sound further justifies the message that Rimes is trying to convey.

The song “Remnants” on the album titled Remnants, clearly displays how applicable this track is with regard to the rest of the album. Rimes’ song is about giving and using everything she’s got and not letting other people use her. Similarly, in this new album, she really does sing to her full potential. In the context of Remnants as a whole, Rimes could be saying that with her album’s new sound, she will be more successful than ever before. Rimes’ Remnants will definitely build a kingdom.

Right now, this track is only available on Spotify and Apple Music.  You can listen to a preview of “Remnants” here.


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