Track of the Day: “I Don’t Want To Know” by Fleetwood Mac

When I first heard Fleetwood Mac’s song “I Don’t Want to Know,” I thought wow; this would be fun to play on guitar. This ninth track on the album Rumours is an upbeat pop song that is quite popular. Many fans decided to cover this song and they looked like they were enjoying themselves when they did so.

Stevie Nicks wrote this beautiful love song. “I don’t want to stand ‘tween you and love, honey,Take a little time.” The last lyric of the song describes her feelings so well. Although she is talking about her love, it seems that she might leave anytime soon if she does not like it. Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham’s voices sound really good together, especially with their harmonies. I like how sometimes during the chorus you can hear a little clapping noise, which is very cute. Also the use of bringing out other instruments in the end such as a tambourine is nice, because it gives a climatic end to the song.

Their rhythm is good. It sounds like they are having fun and enjoying themselves when they play this. I find that the bass is a bit repetitive in terms of not changing positions on the fretboard. But the guitar has a nice riff and a cool guitar solo. It is amazing to find out that they used a twelve stringed guitar, not many musicians use this. And if they do, they are usually really skilled or is a virtuoso. Hearing this song makes me remember my guitar classes and this would certainly be one of those songs that I would have played.

If you like listening to old classics and pop rock songs, then this is the song for you. However it is worth giving a try if you do not. You can check out the full version of the song down below on YouTube or you can find the full album on Spotify.


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