Track of the Day: “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac

“And if you don’t love me now, you will never love me again, I can still hear you saying you will never break the chain” cries the member Fleetwood Mac in perfect Harmony before that could be accomplished by something as trivial as autotune. Although not one of the four singles released, in many ways “The Chain” is the prefect appetizer for Rumours as a whole. Dealing with anger, breakup, but also standing ground, and solidarity in solitude. It is the only song written by all members of the band. “The Chain”  eludes being placed under labels; It blends country twang harmony, hard rock ballads, and pop style, distilled into a break up song that lacks typical ‘woe is me’ sentiment. Due to the drama surrounding the album, it is an appropriate sentiment to hold.

The chorus seems to jump out at the listener after the lazy southern fingerpicking, which one could assume just continues until finale, but that would be too easy for Fleetwood Mac.

You can picture a lack of eye contact between band members singing the harmony. But that would contradict the sound. What is more likely is whiskey shot eyes, focused; held on one another, tense, but nevertheless punching out the lyrics, “I can still hear you saying, would never break the chain”.

Nearing the outro, there is a lot of hope  for a breakup song. Buckingham’s fiery guitar solo seems to work out aggression, and the singers rally around the lyrics, “Chain keep us together” until blissful fade out. If one thing can be said about, “The Chain”, is  that it provides a key example of what the 1977 version of Fleetwood Mac was musically capable of when united; nothing short of excellence. 


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