Track of the Day: “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac

“Rumours” was a huge mess made up of heartbreak, breakups, and hate, yet somehow it produced some of the most memorable pop/rock songs of all time.  Fleetwood Mac was really looking like a nobody band at the time, and with so many members in and out the door, no one could have predicted the success the group would end up having.  During this time in 1976/77, band members were all over the place in terms of relationships, but they came together to form some great tracks; “Dreams”, of course, was one of them.

To be blunt, “Dreams” is a very polite breakup song.  Although the tune may be catchy and upbeat, the lyrics completely suggest otherwise.  Stevie Nicks very delicately, but cleverly, writes brilliant little jabs at Lindsey Buckingham.  Every lyric seems to bring a little bit of “I don’t care about you, we’re done” to it.  I mean just look at this gem: “In the stillness of remembering what you had and what you lost.”  That sneaky little Stevie. She basically says: “Yeah sure, break up with me, but you’re going to be lonely.  Try finding a girl like me because you’ve lost that now pal”.

Although clever, the brilliant lyricism isn’t the only part of the song that makes it such a classic; it’s the music itself!  The song starts out with a fun little bass drone that gets your foot tapping, which is quickly followed by Stevie’s signature voice.  The tune itself is quite simple to be honest; a simple little dance drum beat, three chords, and a seriously groovy bass line.  That being said, Stevie sings the hell out of it.  Without Nicks the song really wouldn’t be anything special at all, but the infectious melody line she sings digs itself into your skull like a badger looking for food.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, you’re going to remember the insanely catchy chorus of this song – you could be in the shower, driving to work, or tying your shoes – It. Does. Not. Matter.  “Dreams” will be with you everywhere.

If you’re all a fan of Fleetwood Mac (you have obviously already heard this song, but) I highly suggest you buy the “Rumours” album. It is a FANTASTIC purchase.  Anyways, give this tune a listen here:


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