Track of the Day: “Dont Stop” by Fleetwood Mac

When I first heard “Don’t Stop”, it was covered by Elton John on the Tribute to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours. Suffice it to say, I feel in love with the song instantly and while Elton John certainly did the song justice with his version, there’s something about the original version that can’t be beat.

“Don’t Stop” was written in 1976 around the time that John and Christine McVie were breaking up, making it one of several breakup songs on the album. Christine wanted the absolute best for John and the message of the song is one of optimism. Whether you consider the chorus which urges you to look forward to tomorrow rather than dwell on yesterday, or the upbeat and fun atmosphere of the song, “Don’t Stop” may be one of the happiest and fun breakup songs I’ve ever heard and I think the message of things getting better is a theme that should be communicated in more breakup songs. We’ve all had those moments where you feel like you’re sinking after a bad break up, and a large majority of breakup songs reinforce that idea. I think that’s partially why Rumours was so successful, whether it’s “Go Your Own Way”, “Don’t Stop” or “Dreams”, these singles on the album challenge the status quo of depressing breakup songs with their upbeat sound and positive message.

What I think is amazing about “Don’t Stop” as that the message of optimism in the face of adversity is universal. Whether someone is going through a bad breakup, financial difficulties, family issues or anything in between, it’s important to remember that “Yesterdays gone” and “it’ll be, better than before”.

If you need a pickup-me-up or just want to jam out and dance, then give “Don’t Stop” a listen here!


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