Track of the Day: “Florence” by Loyle Carner feat. Kwes

British underground sensation, Loyle Carner, has toured with greats such as Joey Bada$$, and MF DOOM, but this downtime piano hip-hop track, off of his album ‘Yesteday’s Gone’, demonstrates Carner’s ability to carve his own path and style in hip-hop. It is by far one of most minimal beats, some of the easiest listening, and is one of catchiest songs most intriguing songs on the album. “I reminded all the handshakes, remember I promised her some pancakes.” speaks Carner honestly, with a casual simplicity that the listener will be swept up with.

It’s romantic. In a way paying homage to the beauty of love, relationships, and respect for the ones you love. He does this by tickling the audience with the l’amour, and R&B hooks sung by artist Kwes (danger: read Kwes. not K-West), over top of the easy listening 4/4 taps. Carner adds a realism to hip-hop which is much needed. He continues tackling issues of death, women, violence, and depression, on his record with justice and seriousness. This is by providing clear narrative and discussion through lyrics; with homage to the pain, and quirkiness; not glorifying these things the way some of Carner’s American counterparts do. In these ways ‘Florence’ is hip-hop for the common romantics in us all.

Carner also demonstrates a brilliant artistic twist- revealing who Florence is all along through the Music Video for the track. Carner effortlessly raps over the making of his pancakes. The twist will bring whole new perspective to the listener, watch here.


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