Track of the Day: “Replica” by The xx

The sixth track on The xx’s “I See You,” titled “Replica,” is a slow, but steady moving tone set to carefully sit listeners back a little before rushing to the end of this dream pop, alternative dance album. Synthesizers carry the song from start to finish, creating a floating, dream-like feeling throughout. Accompanying this soft tune are gentle, airy vocals from Oliver Sim and Romy Madley-Croft, depicting a story of desire to break free from the past – to avoid becoming a copy of every person that came before them and become a replica. This track differs from the rest of “I See You,” and it certainly the slowest of the bunch, but it isn’t necessarily lacking in any sort of way. The simplicity behind it is what makes it what it is: A moment to look back on the past and to ultimately leave it behind. “Replica” is a moment to meditate and then move forward with the rest of the album – and with life. This track acts as a good middle point in the album, as it splits it in two, preparing listeners for the denouement. Though it may not be climactic, it provides a moment of pondering, and leaves the upbeat, energetic feelings other tracks have for later on in the album. When I first heard “Replica,” it didn’t leave me feeling melancholic or energetic, but neutral and calm. It achieves the dream-pop sound that The xx has captured in their past work, but with synthesizers instead of other traditional dream-pop, indie instruments. Overall, “Replica” is an interesting addition to The xx’s latest album, being strong in lyrical diction and meaning, even though it is not full in instrumentation. In relation to the rest of, “I See You,” it is well worth a listen in connection to the songs that come before and after it.

“I See You” is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Listen to a preview of “Replica” here:


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