Track of the Day: “I Dare You” by Romy Madley Croft

“I can hear it now like I heard it then,” as The xx sings on their ninth track from their new album “I See You” is exactly how listeners can describe this song.

Like the rest of the album, “I Dare You” shares the theme of love. Oliver Sim and Romy Madley Croft use a beautiful harmony in the chorus, Oliver using his bass voice and Romy her alto voice. They both make a soft and husky voice which captivates the theme of their song. Even the instruments used, are quite subtle in order for their voices to stand out. The way that they blend together is quite amazing to give off her feelings. In this case, you can feel the pain of their voices and understand that this is not a happy love song. “I Dare You,” gives an interpretation that Romy is edging her ex-lover on, as the chorus. This is basically what the whole song is about.

What I like about this song is the use of echoes during the chorus. It gives out this vibe that Romy is not alone through this bad break up, and that everyone in the band is with her. This song would be pleasing to listen to at the beach or on a road trip because it gives off a relaxing feeling from the beat. The xx keeps up with the same theme and vibes throughout the whole album and does not falter. “I Dare You” being the last track is perfect, because listeners can feel the whole break up through the album, from sadness to anger, which makes this a powerful song.

Since everyone has their own preferences of genre, this upbeat song is perfect for anyone because of the soft tones.  You can listen to the preview down below, or you can find the full version on Spotify.


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